Can Zac repair his marriage?

Will Zac win Leah over?

Zac is over the moon that Leah’s decided to have lunch with him. He plans a romantic meal for them in the exact spot where they got married. Leah’s touched and the pair discuss how happy they were and the beautiful memories they have from their marriage. Is Leah going to give Zac another chance?

Marilyn is desperate to get John’s appeal moved forward now she knows he’s being attacked by his fellow inmate, Deacon. Morag suggests John should report the attacks to the prison officers. Marilyn passes on the advice, but John thinks it will cause more trouble. Later, Deacon comes to John’s prison with a knife. Will John make it out of prison alive?

Also, Justin’s still unsure if he can go to America with Phoebe because of Brody and his drug addiction. Tori tries to encourage her brother to follow Phoebe and her dreams. She says she’ll look after the family, but will it be enough to make Justin pack his suitcase?