Can Zac save his son’s life?

While Hunter fights for his life, Olivia sets off to find help and flags down Greg and Zac on the main road. Zac rushes to his son’s aid and manages to phone Nate, who diagnoses Hunter with tension pneumothrorax. With Hunter’s condition growing more critical by the second, Nate guides Zac in making a small incision in Hunter’s chest. During the procedure, Zac is haunted by prison flashbacks, but manages to save his son’s life.

The ambulance finally arrives and rushes Hunter off to make a full recovery. The whole family is elated, but Zac remains distant towards his family. Later, Greg and Zac have a heated exchange when Greg confronts him about being in prison with his son Tank.

VJ has a crush on Billie and attempts to flirt with her at the Surf Club. Later, he promises Skye that he can teach her how to surf, but it turns out he doesn’t know the first thing about surfing, so Billie steps in.