Can Zara get Tony to the church on time?

It’s Zara’s friend Tony’s wedding day and he’s freaking out. When she dismisses his medical concerns as a case of cold feet he’s relieved but when she questions his feelings he starts to have serious doubts. When Tony starts to panic, Zara tries to fix the problem by kissing Tony in full view of his fiancee Sam. Sam is distraught – then Zara tells her that Tony doesn’t want to get married.

Tony accuses Zara of taking his doubts out of context: he wants the wedding back on and it’s her job to sort it out. When Zara tries to suggest that Sam’s brother is ‘another man’, angry Tony orders her to leave but Zara won’t give up. Zara reassures Sam, reunites the happy couple and manages to salvage the wedding; acting as witness alongside Sam’s brother Toby.

Also, when disgruntled patient Linda Bolton moans about her neglectful husband, Cherry tries to show her that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

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