Can Zara help Rachel nurse her baby?

Zara sees new mum Rachel who is struggling to breastfeed her baby Harry. Rachel’s husband Ben is so exhausted he suggests giving Harry formula and coming under pressure from her mother-in-law as well Rachel feels like a failure. Zara’s full of enthusiasm for her new breastfeeding initiative and is horrified that Rachel is considering giving up.

Zara shares from her personal experience with Joe and reckons Rachel lacks gumption. But Rachel fears there’s more to it and that something’s seriously wrong. Zara’s confident nothing’s wrong and Rachel leaves the consulting room in tears of frustration. At home, Zara boasts to Daniel about how she spurred Rachel on but Daniel smells trouble. Later, Rachel sobs as she tries to feed Harry in the middle of the night. Could Daniel be right?

Meanwhile, Emma’s feeling really glum – she’s missing Chris (and Sam) badly, so Mandy suggests she do something with her newfound freedom. Emma tries to round up some of her old mates for a night out but with little success, so she has to settle for a takeaway with Karen, who opens up about how she’s felt over the past few months. Deciding they both need to have more fun they plot to hold an underwear party! Now, who to invite..?

Also, when a mysterious object falls from the sky, Kevin helps a man to realise what matters most in his life.