Can Ziggy save Leela?

Cameron reassures Lockie it was the drink talking, when he said he’d kill Leela, but Lockie’s not convinced. Cameron spots Ziggy carrying a present wrapped in boyband paper and knows it’s for Peri, so decides to follow him… Ziggy goes to see Leela but when he mentions Cameron, Leela says, as far as she’s concerned, Peri doesn’t have a dad, unaware Cameron’s heard everything. Leela’s left alone at home when Peri goes to meet Tom.

Ziggy realises he’s forgotten to give Leela the present for Peri and turns back towards the flat. From outside, Ziggy wakes up Leela, who says she can smell gas but, as she rushes to the front door, she realises she’s locked in. Ziggy kicks down the door and they both escape as the flat explodes. Cameron watches the drama unfold then rides away on his motorbike – it’s obvious he’s to blame!

Reenie’s concerned that Porsche seems to be in denial about Derek being her real father. After drinking at The Dog, Porsche throws the briefcase of money off the village archway before breaking down and telling Lockie all about Derek. When Lockie suggests they go on a cruise, Porsche thinks he’s just after the money and throws it in his face. Later, Porsche and Reenie have a fight in Price Slice and Reenie accidentally assaults the police officer who’s trying to separate them. Reenie fears she’s going straight back to prison…

Also, Lisa decides she’s going to tell Zack the truth about her feelings if there might be a chance he loves her too. Unfortunately for her, Zack tells Theresa he loves her and she agrees to give their relationship a proper go.

And John Paul asks Ste if he’ll meet him at the archway tomorrow.