Zoe’s recent erratic and unreliable behaviour hasn’t gone unnoticed by her colleagues. This week all is revealed when we find out in flashback form she’s been desperately trying to track down Nick Jordan.

The catalyst came from a chance remark made by Adam, who mentioned Jordan’s option of potentially life-saving surgery. When Zoe discovers there’s a possibility Jordan’s brain tumour can be treated, she tries to track down her dying former lover.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s holed up in a hotel, putting his affairs into order and planning to end his life. When he collapses, a chambermaid he’s befriended calls an ambulance and phones the last person to call him – Zoe. (Which brings us back to the moment Zoe abandoned the ED in the middle of a big emergency).

Zoe races to Jordan’s bedside, but he’s in a critical condition and unable to give his consent for surgery. Meanwhile, Zoe struggles to juggle her work commitments, angering her colleagues and putting her career in jeopardy.

While Jordan’s life hangs in the balance, Zoe forges his signature on the consent form and the surgery goes ahead. But when a confused Jordan awakes he’s still adamant he doesn’t want to live…

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