Since she arrived at Holby, Zosia’s made no secret of the fact that psychiatry is what she’s really interested in, and her continued lack of enthusiasm for surgery is getting on Sacha’s nerves. She soon perks up, however, when he asks her to do a mental state exam on patient Beth. But the junior doctor fails to spot some important clues to Beth’s condition, which almost causes a disaster.

Sacha gives Zosia a dressing down and she gets a further telling off from her dad, hospital boss Guy. But their confrontation also leads to a conversation about Zosia’s dead mum, which seems to bring father and daughter closer. Can they finally repair their rift?

Meanwhile, Harry’s frustrated when adoring bariatric patient Annie returns. Harry does his best – however shoddily – to shake Annie off – but this doesn’t prove as easy as he’d hoped…

Also, when Jac tells Jonny that her paycheque dictates she has the right to make decisions about Emma, he resolves to get a promotion – by exposing Jac as a bully!