Ringo’s bucks party is in full swing and the boys are startled when the cops show up. However, Ringo soon realises that the guys have got him some strippers, one of whom is Candace. Declan assures Ringo it wasn’t his doing, but Ringo looks as though he is enjoying himself!

Then in walks his mother! Not impressed by her son’s antics, Prue explains she arrived early to spend some time with her son and daughter-in-law to be. Ringo has no choice but to leave his owns bucks party.

The fight over Dahl continues, with Lou and Karl doing their best to win her back. However, when she turns up at Toadie’s, Karl knows he is in a difficult situation. Will he risk upsetting Libby in order to get Dahl back?

Following their split, Declan tries to explain to Kate that he didn’t lie to her. Kate tells him that lying to get out of trouble makes him no better than Paul and she doesn’t want to be in a relationship like Paul and Rebecca’s.

With Kate rejecting Declan’s calls, he struggles to enjoy the bucks party and when Candace invites him for a drink he reluctantly agrees. Declan admits he and Kate have split up. The pair decide to get some air and end up kissing. Meanwhile, Kate is waiting outside Lassiters and sees everything.

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