Candid camera!

Karen is having a bad day so when she opens an important-looking letter she can’t believe she has been shortlisted for a creative writing competition. As she calls Imogen to ask why she sent her story in, Mrs Tembe tells her that she has a visitor in reception.

Jackie has arrived to interview Karen for the magazine running the competition and won’t take her protestations seriously; she tells her Karen’s is their favourite story. Meanwhile, Cherry finds Mrs Tembe looking at the shortlisted stories published on the magazine’s website.

As Karen tells Jackie about her story, Cherry reads it online and is horrified to discover that Karen’s story is about her relationship with Scott. Jackie is trying to convince Karen to give her an angle they can play up to publicise the story just as Cherry bursts into the room.

Sensing a scoop, Jackie leaves her digital recorder as she leaves them to talk. Karen is apologetic but when Cherry suggests she remove herself from the competition Karen isn’t happy. They recommence the interview, but as Jackie probes her about what inspired the story Karen is uncomfortable.

As Jackie reveals she knows Karen’s story isn’t entirely fictional Cherry storms in and is outraged with Karen. Cherry runs off and Karen tells Jackie where to stick her competition, later apologising to Cherry and promising to burn every copy of the story.

Also, Rob discovers family problems are at the route of a tearaway’s repeated offences.