The bigger they come, the harder they fall – as Cain finds out. First, he’s arrested for threatening the Sharmas, but he swaggers to the police car and gives Sarah a wave goodbye. Before long he swaggers back into the village, free to go about his menacing business. The police don’t have enough to hold him and Cain wants to celebrate that. But no one in the pub wants to drink with him: if he stays they’re leaving. That’s a tough one for Chas; he’s her brother, but they’re her punters – and they win. Cain leaves, insulting each villager as he goes, but they stand firm, united in their hatred of him… And one of them hates him enough to want to kill him.

Before night falls and Cain is brought down, though, there are other battles to be fought… Charity is fighting for her future with Jai. She tells Jai she’ll do whatever it takes to stop Cain and begs him not to let Cain wreck their life together.

Meanwhile, Katie and Hazel are supporting Declan as he battles his demons while he grieves for Mia.

*Second episode*

Debbie finally gets Cain out of her house but now he’s on the street and looking to hit people with his bullets of bile. He storms into the pub and his first target is Moira: he needs a bed for the night and she slept with him before so how about it? Ow! Farmer John’s there and he’s hurt by that shot, too. He follows Cain out of the pub and thumps him. But Cain hits back at John and Moira before leaving. Further down the street Cain comes across Amy. She thinks he has ruined her life and he thinks she’s a lowlife. He saunters off but on the outskirts of the village his swagger is knocked out of him when he’s knocked off his feet by a face he knows only too well – it’s the last face he sees before he’s beaten to a pulp.

Cameron finds Jai standing over Cain, covered in blood. But did Jai beat Cain to a pulp? He’s not hanging around to answer questions and takes off as Cameron calls an ambulance.

Jai’s not the only one looking guilty, though. Farmer John is quick to leave the village with Adam and Moira races to Marlon’s place, where she needs a stiff drink but doesn’t want to talk. Charity’s very agitated, too, and gets a drink from Chas. This whodunit is just getting started…