Canny Val has good news for Amy

Amy quickly won Val’s heart. Well, it’s not hard to see why; the teenager is really just a younger, less accomplished version of Val – complete with a matching Geordie accent. But Pollard has been less enchanted by the teen and, again, it’s not hard to see why; one Val is hard enough to live with. So, it’s no surprise when Pollard says he thinks Amy should return to foster care. What is a surprise is that Val gets him to change his mind and Amy is told she can stay. Yay!

Lisa changes her mind, too. Still traumatised, she decides she can’t face going in to work after all and calls in sick. That gets Zak worried. Then she decides she can’t keep her feelings to herself and needs to talk to someone, so she turns to Debbie.

Leyla puts herself in the middle of Alicia and Justin’s relationship – again. At least this time Alicia knows she’s doing it… Justin is back in Emmerdale and he’s still angry about his lack of access to Jacob. Leyla steps in and tells him she’ll talk some sense into Alicia. But Alicia won’t give an inch because Justin’s taking her to court. Maybe he should just try courting her.

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