Ken worries about paying Tracy’s new solicitor without the help of legal aid and Tracy’s angry about Ken’s penny-pinching. When both Blanche and Deirdre pile on the pressure, Ken backs down and agrees to go through their accounts to somehow raise the money.

Peter finds a pleasing distraction to the turmoil in the Barlow house when he falls for the attractions of Maria. Peter launches a charm offensive in a bid to win her over but in her grieving state, she’s not particularly impressed.

Les is still in the doghouse with Chesney following Cilla’s departure and he attempts to lure him back to the Battersby’s by offering to do up the house. Chesney refuses to be swayed by his promises and an irate Fiz marches round to see Les and tell him what he needs to do if he wants Chesney to return home.

Also, Paul tries to tell Carla to stop using the factory staff but he’s scared of her! Bill prepares to move in with Audrey, to the disgust of their families.