Brace yourself for scorching action and gripping suspense with Chris Evans’ comic-book superhero Captain America in his second solo outing.

Evans’ strapping 1940s super-soldier is defrosted in the present day, but three’s soon trouble ahead. He doesn’t know who to trust – save for trusty allies Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Falcon (Anthony Mackie) – when a mysterious assailant known as the Winter Soldier starts wreaking havoc just as Robert Redford’s slick politician is pushing for a system of global surveillance.

The later fight scenes go on too long, but a steady supply of snappy one-liners and witty sight gags keep things lively – especially whenever Johansson is around, delivering quips and backflips with equal panache. The third entry in the series, Captain America: Civil War, premieres on Sky Cinema Premiere today at 8.00pm.