Captive Pepper’s almost discovered

While Pepper remains bound and gagged in mad Mary’s house, an unsuspecting Harold pays a visit. Pepper smashes a lamp in a bid to bring attention to her plight but Harold merely assumes the noise is rats or possums and offers to check Mary’s roof for culprits. The tension increases until Harold finally leaves and Pepper’s hopes for rescue fade. Mary unnerves Pepper further by telling her that Kevin will be coming to visit soon.

Still rattled by Carmella’s suggestion that she was only with Frazer because he poses no physical threat, Rosie confides her fears to Janelle who reassures her to trust in her own instincts. Reassured, Rosie declares her undying love for Frazer, and the couple prepare to spend their first night together.

Janae is frustrated to discover Janelle has been won over by Terrence and berates Sky for her influence over her mum. Worried about Terrence’s control over Harold and Sky, Lou advises Janae to keep a close eye on Janelle and decides not to move out from Harold’s to ensure they don’t do anything stupid

Also, when Harold is forced to choose between the Salvation Army and his faith in Terrence, he hangs up his uniform.