A plucky 12-year-old boy (voiced by Lorraine Pilkington) helps save the day when a megalomaniac tycoon sparks a new space race in this enjoyably zippy, Spanish-made animated adventure.

The baddie is piloting his own mission to the moon, determined to destroy the flag left by the Apollo 11 astronauts and thereby prove to the world that the original moon landings were faked.

Nasa launches its own mission to thwart him, but it is space-mad youngster Mike, together with his equally feisty friend Amy and former astronaut grandad who accidentally end up in the rocket.

The knockabout comedy will appeal to kids, while grown-ups will be diverted by a sprinkling of more knowing gags, including a witty nod to the urban myth that Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo 11 landing.

Incidentally, the film’s gazillionaire villain has more than a touch of Donald Trump about him, while the US President could pass for Hillary Clinton.