Cardiac arrest at the Carnival

Ruby defects to the Wilson’s Beach team with the Braxtons at the Surf Carnival. The competition boils over for John’s rival Gary. He has a heart attack.

Xavier hopes to win Miranda back, and when Ruby accuses Miranda of cheating in their race, Xavier sticks up for Miranda. It seems she’s thawing towards him… until Miranda starts pashing with Romeo like there’s no tomorrow! Xavier is crushed.

Roo notices how tired Sid is and offers a shoulder for him to cry on. Nervous of his attraction to Roo, Sid is short with her, claiming it’s family business. Later, Sid apologises and goes to take up Roo’s offer but she says he was right – it’s best she stays out of it.

Charlie is alarmed at how competitive everyone is at the carnival, especially Brax. He explains the carnival is the only thing keeping the Wilson’s Beach community together. The River Boys start a fight and Charlie gets hit on the head with a bottle.

She goes to call for backup but Brax tells her to not to, and calms the crowd down himself. He tells them not to hit ladies. The crowd disperse but Charlie is furious that Brax undermined her authority. Is the honeymoon over?