Carl and Carrie were lovers!

Scarlett is thrilled at the thought of moving to Emmerdale with Carrie, but Carl seems strangely uncomfortable about the whole idea. Chas invites Carrie and Scarlett to stay at Dale View until Mill Brook is ready and Carl is unhappy. He’s forced to give Carrie the guided tour and it soon transpires that years ago the couple had a brief fling!

Belle is shame-faced when Turner storms over to the Dingles and tells Lisa and Zak what Belle has been up to. But Lisa is even more worried when she learns that Belle confessed to Rosemary rather than her parents. Belle is forced to admit her guilt to the villagers and a shame-faced Louise and Jasmine apologise to an unimpressed Turner for accusing him of sabotaging the pageant.

Also, Len struggles to manage at the garage while Debbie is preoccupied with the taxi firm but Debbie’s lack of attention nearly gets her in big trouble. Debbie is forced to create a diversion when Len announces he’ll start work on one of the cars that just happens to be one of Eli’s dodgy motors.