Carl and Chas kiss!

*One-hour episode*

Carl is devastated that his mum’s jewellery box is still in the safe in Home Farm after the eviction and he tries to get into the house, but is blocked by the security guard. Chas offers to help out and she gets a key for Home Farm from Katie, who distracts the security guard while Carl slips in and retrieves the jewellery. A delighted Carl kisses Chas. Unknown to them, Aaron has seen…

Donna and Charlotte break into the missing Shane’s flat to look for evidence of his whereabouts and find a receipt for a one-way ticket to Morocco. Jasmine is questioned by Drake and is pressured to confess that Shane may have been involved with the MacFarlane’s. Debbie thinks that Jasmine’s tip off about Shane only strengthens their lie that he has run away.

Andy and Diane turn up at the farm and are horrified to find it deserted. They free a trapped Mick from the barn, who reveals that Jo has sold everything and fled. Andy is terrified that he’s lost Sarah, but he finds her safe at Wishing Well. His joy is short-lived when Debbie refuses to let him see his daughter.

Also, Marlon finds out that Paddy has a crush on Chas.

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