Carl and Grace end up in bed

Carl meets Grace for their date but Grace is guarded with him and she asks him why he’s been playing games. Grace petulantly tries to find out who killed Tom but Carl won’t take the bait and she finds herself agreeing when he invites her up to a hotel room. The pair end up in bed and Grace tells him afterwards that they’ve gone too far. But she can’t resist when he kisses her again.

Paddy worries about Matthew’s warning over the business and he asks Grayson to take a look at the contract Matthew had drawn up. Rosemary advises Paddy against going into business with the Kings and she instead makes her own offer. Paddy decides to accept and Matthew is furious that Rosemary ruined his deal.

Kelly turns up for the photoshoot and she’s mortified when the stylist confirms that she’s looking a little weightier. Kelly tells Scarlett that she’s going on a diet straight away. Jimmy is embarrassed when someone at the shoot mistakes him for Kelly’s father and he worries that he’ll never fit in with Kelly’s glamorous new life.

Also, Jo’s thrilled when she gets a regular customer for her goats’ milk.