Carl and Grace play games

Carl admits to Matthew and Jimmy that he spent the evening getting drunk with Grace and they are furious that he could put himself in such jeopardy. Carl can’t resist arranging another meeting with Grace and he teases her with more information about Tom. Grace gives Carl her number and they almost kiss – it seems there’s more to their relationship than game playing.

Paddy is pleased when Chas finishes sorting out the books and tells him he can now make Hari an offer on the vet’s. Paddy asks Matthew for an advance on a payment from the Kings in order to raise the cash. Matthew spies an opportunity and offers to lend him the money if he can have in on the deal. Paddy turns him down and decides to get a bank loan instead.

Carrie decides that Lexi needs a job and she speaks to David about letting her work at the factory. Carrie convinces David to give Lexi a trial but the last thing Lexi wants is a job and she’s fed up with Carrie’s interference.

Also, Viv is asked to be the Hotten Courier’s agony aunt!