Under pressure from Shirley to give her more money, Phil is keen to press ahead with the deal with Carl, despite Jay’s reservations. Meanwhile, Carl tells Max that it’s ‘D-Day’. Phil gets into a car with Carl, who is driving recklessly. As Phil looks into the glove compartment for the details of the deal, Carl swerves into the path of a lorry and they crash. Carl lies slumped at the wheel, while Phil is sprawled across the bonnet, barely breathing…

Max remembers it’s Jack birthday and plans a surprise party in the Vic. Meanwhile, when Carl asks Kirsty if irises are still her favourite flower, she realise that Carl sent the bouquet. Kirsty promises Max that Carl isn’t a threat. When Jack is a no show at the pub Max realises he’s rattled after learning that Ronnie’s about to be released. Max convinces Jack to come for a drink, although Dot ruins the surprise.

Michael is irked when Danny comes up with a real money-spinner for the gym. When Michael moans about Danny to Janine, she points out that Danny has secured a great deal, commiserating with Michael for not coming up with one of his own. Michael takes the bait, proposing a business idea to Sadie that leaves Danny irritated.