Carl betrays his brothers

*One-hour episode* The De Souzas and the Kings gather at the council offices to hear the results of the waste contract tenders. A confident Matthew is stunned when unknown company KD Refuse is declared the victor. Matthew and Jimmy realise that they’ve been betrayed when Carl reveals that he runs the company and Donald is his backer. Later, Carl discovers the house smashed up and suspects Matthew. Jo is frightened when Charlie threatens Sarah and demands that she finds him a car for a job. Jo heads over to Debbie’s garage to suss a few things out and Debbie is suspicious. Jo cracks and confesses about Charlie. Debbie offers to sort him out and approaches Charlie and tells him that she can find him a car. But what is she planning? Jamie gets a wild idea after a conversation with Bob and Rodney about pleasing your woman. Bob is stunned when Jamie reveals that he’s bought a ring and he’s going to propose! Meanwhile, Diane jokingly wonders if an irritable Louise is pregnant. Louise confesses that she’s worried she may be, but she’s scared about Jamie’s reaction. Also, Viv discovers she’s been acting illegally by giving money to the cot death charity that was raised for Happy Smile.