Carl catches Aaron in the act

Aaron breaks into Mill Cottage and graffitis the walls in protest over Carl’s treatment of his mother. Carl catches him in the act, but Aaron makes a quick escape. Carl pursues Aaron down the main street and rugby tackles him to the ground. Chas is mortified and accidentally tells Carl that Aaron also scrawled on Tom’s grave. Chas takes control of Aaron and tenderly tells Carl she’ll make things right.

Aaron tells Chas that he didn’t want Carl to hurt her again after seeing them kiss. Chas is touched, but Aaron soon turns and tells Chas that it’s either him or Carl. Chas has no choice and lies to Carl that she’s not interested in getting back with him and both are crushed. Carl tells Debbie that the resurrected King & Sons will be operating out of the garage and he’ll keep her on but the repayments will rise.

Paul is upset when he receives a letter from Jonny wanting to tie up the loose ends in their marriage. Lily schemes to engineer a meeting between the pair and texts Jonny pretending to be Paul and Jonny agrees to meet. Meanwhile, Val decides Paul needs to find himself a new man, but he turns down her suggestion of a night on the town.

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