Carl confesses!

*One hour special*

Grace tells Carl that if he’ll help her nail Tom’s killer then they can be together properly. Grace is stung when Carl insists that he’s not in love with her and in the ensuing row, Carl blurts out that he killed Tom. Carl turns up late to the ceremony to unveil Tom’s headstone and Matthew and Jimmy are horrified when Carl admits that he’s confessed to Grace. Carl reveals that he can’t live a lie any longer and he returns to Grace to turn himself in. But tragedy strikes when Grace is knocked down and killed by a lorry. A distraught Carl is taken home by Jimmy, his secret still intact.

The villagers gather for the De Souza launch party and everyone is stunned when Nicola steps out of the limo! Paul is disgusted that his sister has returned after betraying him so cruelly but Rodney is torn and he decides to give his daughter a second chance.

Andy worries about Victoria when she tearfully admits that Jack is so distracted he barely notices her. Andy confronts Jack and he admits that he’s afraid that Diane won’t return. Andy urges Jack to visit Diane and save his marriage, but Jack isn’t so sure.

Also, Hilary and Doug have another row.