Carl falls for Matthew’s trap and heads over to Home Farm when he hears about Matthew’s presentation. As the new King and Sons logo is flashed up on a projector screen, Carl sees that it’s a direct copy of the logo he created for the De Souzas and he realises that Matthew has ripped off all his ideas – including a company environmental makeover. Carl is incensed and takes his anger out on the Home Farm office and ends up punching Jimmy, who tells Matthew that he’s had enough and wants out of the business.

Diane confronts Pollard when she learns about his surprise wedding. He insists that it’s all about sweeping Val off her feet, but Diane isn’t convinced. Diane questions whether the idea is to lighten the load on his wallet, but he promises Diane that he is sincere and she is forced to agree to keep his plans a secret.

Zak pulls out all the stops to get the work ready in time for Matthew’s presentation but he’s stunned when he realises that Matthew isn’t intending to reimburse him for paying out to replace the wrecked equipment. Zak can’t bring himself to tell Lisa that he’s lost Belle’s school fees. Eli vows to help him out.