Carl gets Lauren involved in his vendetta

Max is furious when he and Jack discover that tyres have been slashed at the car lot. It’s clear the damage is down to a smug Carl, but Max can’t do anything about it. Things go too far, however, when Lauren is anonymously sent a bottle of whisky, leaving her shaken. In the Vic, Carl winds up Max about his family’s drinking. When Max snaps and flies at him Jack and Alfie have to intervene.

Ian is desperate to win round Denise, convincing Peter to talk Denise into meeting him at the restaurant later. Although Ian pulls out all the stops to impress Denise, she’s not easily convinced. Finally starting to soften, Denise agrees to give Ian another chance. Peter is pleased and they head home only to find the house has been broken into. They’re stunned to discover Peter and Lucy’s half-sister Cindy junior in the house!

Annoyed when Shirley complains about her room, Kim complains to Patrick that Shirley is only there because Phil is secretly paying her bill. Patrick plays peacemaker when Shirley complains yet again, worried that Kim will spill the beans. When Kim finally blurts out the truth, Shirley is horrified.

Also, Kat and Bianca put their dating disasters behind them.