Carl has doubts about the wedding

Carl is miserable when he discovers that his kids are too unwell to attend the wedding. Jimmy realises that Carl is far from happy about getting married and is stunned when Carl confesses that Lexi knows he killed Tom and is blackmailing him. Carl storms off and calls Chas and begs her to meet him.

Jimmy tells Lexi that Carl is running late and she’s terrified that he’s going to jilt her. Carl meets Chas at the cricket pavilion and begs Chas to say that she loves him and he’ll call the wedding off. Chas is torn, but she rejects a devastated Carl. Lexi is relieved when Carl finally arrives for the wedding and he buries his feelings to go through with the ceremony despite knowing in his heart that the wedding is a sham.

Victoria is impressed to see Daz in a suit for Carl and Lexi’s wedding and there’s a moment between them. Daz offers to leave the wedding early to spend time with Victoria, who gets bored waiting. Andy thinks Victoria is pining for Aaron and tells her she can date Aaron if she wants.

Also, Mark is relieved when he learns that Faye has apparently left for abroad.

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