Carl’s got on the wrong side of Jimmy and needs to lie like a rug to get himself out of bother. To keep Jimmy sweet, he says he’s dumped dirty flirty Eve. Liar! To keep Eve sweet he says he’s going to dump Chas. Liar! To keep Nicola sweet, he tells her the sexy texts were for him, not Jimmy. OK, he’s telling the truth there – but will Nicola agree to keep his secret? Think about it: it’s not as if Chas is a great mate of hers. Carl really hasn’t thought things through.

Amy’s another one who hasn’t thought things through. She’s put her car into Cain’s garage for repairs that she can’t pay for. Charity is the name of his missus, not his business, and Cain quickly makes that very clear to Amy. Victoria has more bad news for Amy, too: she knows she’s not who she says she is. Cornered, Amy admits she’s a runaway, but says her foster parents are awful and begs Victoria to keep her secret.

Ryan gets a surprise when Maisie turns up at prison. And when she hears what nasty Nathan has been up to she promises to testify in court…

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