Uh-oh. Men in suits in Emmerdale are rarely good news and when they’re on Dingle property it’s bound to mean trouble. And it does but not for a Dingle – well, not directly. The smartly-dressed gents are cops – and they’re there for Cameron. Carl’s got all his money but he’s not happy. Perhaps shopping Cameron to the cops for the break-in at the pub will make him feel better… So that’s what he does. And that’s why there are men in suits taking Cameron to the cop shop. They have a witness who says Cameron was involved in the robbery at the pub! Debbie’s confused, Cain’s curious – and Cameron’s scared. So he should be!

Carl tells Chas again that he wants her. So what was the blackmail – foreplay? Whatever… Chas hasn’t got time for Carl. She’s heard about Cameron’s arrest and tells Debbie to lie and give Cameron an alibi. So Debbie does just that – but once she has got Cameron home she wants the truth and she knows Cameron’s not giving it to her.

David’s lying to Jacob, too. He tells the lad he has to go away and that Pollard will be looking after him while he’s gone. David is going away – but he’s going with Priya and they won’t be having separate rooms.