Carl plays with fire

Carl is surprised to find a glum looking DCI Grace Barraclough drowning her sorrows in a bar after she’s overlooked for an investigation. Carl can’t resist inviting himself to join her and after a few drinks he opens up about his relationship with Tom. Grace confesses that her own relationship with her father was difficult and there’s a charged moment between them. Grace sees an opportunity to get more info on the murder case, while Carl enjoys playing with fire.

Carrie is uncomfortable having sister Lexi around and she tells her not to tell anyone that she spent time in jail. Lexi and Carrie end up in an argument and Lexi viciously accuses Carrie of whoring herself for money by having an affair with Tom. Carrie tries to slap Lexi, but Lexi gets in first and knocks Carrie to the floor!

Lisa is miffed that Andy seems fine about Emily seeing Sarah but still won’t let Sarah spend time with the Dingles. Andy consults with Jack and agrees to Lisa’s request. He takes the opportunity of a baby-free night while the Dingles babysit to have an evening out with Jo.

Also, Jamie decides to apply to be a postie.