Carl schemes against Max

Max returns to Albert Square and bumps into Carl, who tells him he wants Kirsty. Although Max insists he doesn’t care, Carl realises that with Max around he’ll have a tough time persuading Kirsty to take him back. Discovering that Kirsty has summoned Max to talk about their marriage, Carl arranges for Max to be delayed. Thinking Max has ditched her for good when he doesn’t show, Kirsty lets in Carl, who smiles smugly from the window when he sees a dismayed Max outside.

Poppy is shocked to see workmen refitting Booty’s and meets the new owner – the no-nonsense and glamorous Sadie. Keen to make a good impression on her new boss, Poppy is upset when Sadie assumes she’s Lola from the notes Tanya has left! Keen to know whether her job is safe, Poppy is disappointed when Sadie insists that she’ll have to earn a job at the salon.

Alfie wants to tread carefully around Kat after he and Roxy set a date for the wedding. Wanting to tell Kat himself, Alfie is frustrated when she avoids his calls. When Kat finally turns up at the Vic, Alfie breaks the news and is relieved by Kat’s relaxed reaction. Later, Kat tells Alfie she’s bought Tommy a page boy suit, but she’s hiding her heartbreak well.