Carl tells Nicola he’s on her side

With Kelly as an opponent, it was never going to be fair fight between her and Nicola for Jimmy. And as Kelly has Eve in her corner you know it’s going to get really dirty. But Nicola has Carl in her corner and he convinces her to fight for her man. Gaining courage and confidence from Carl’s support, Nicola tells Kelly she will never give up on Jimmy. It’s all stirring stuff, but Kelly’s not put off. Eve tells Kelly proof of her affair with Jimmy will hit Nicola like a knock-out punch. That’s when Kelly confesses there was no affair. Luckily for Kelly – and unluckily for Nicola – Eve has never had much use for the truth unless she can use it to her advantage.

Farmer John has to face the harsh truth that he can’t run Butlers Farm without Adam’s help – just as Adam tells Moira about Declan’s job offer. But Adam’s a good boy at heart. Seeing that his family needs him, Adam turns down Declan’s job.

Alicia’s conscience is pricked when Amy tells Leyla the shop’s cigarettes are gone from the stock room – and she didn’t smoke them. That’s got Leyla asking questions…