Carl’s like a man possessed… He’s still chasing Cain’s money and, after seeing Chas with Debbie, becomes convinced his girlfriend can lead him to it. But Chas has had enough of Carl’s little treasure hunt and tells him he has to choose: it’s her or the cash. He chooses the cash. Having seen Chas and Debbie arguing, Carl now thinks Debbie has the money and traps her in her garage. She doesn’t know about his killer instinct, but is she about to find out?

Working together on the farm, Adam tells Andy he thinks Aaron is gay. Andy just can’t see it, though and tells Adam he’s wrong, leaving him feeling embarrassed by the whole conversation. Will Adam let the matter drop?

Maisie’s certainly not prepared to forget how Jai thought she would just fall into his bed after a couple of drinks and hunts down Katie to find out what she’s been saying about her. Katie says her words have been twisted and the girls agree to carry on being friends. But Katie’s not thrilled to hear how Ryan upset Maisie with his offensive remark, so she may not still want to be his girlfriend…

*second episode*

Debbie thinks she can handle Carl but she underestimates his rage. When she shows him the garage safe is empty he hauls her off to Tug Ghyll. When he doesn’t find the money in the house he forces Debbie to take him to the garden shed. Charity hears them, though and runs to the back of the house. The whole protective mother instinct finally kicks in and Charity whacks Carl with a shovel. Defeated, Carl leaves and Charity finds Chas, to tell her what her boyfriend’s been up to. But Carl is unrepentant; he won’t quit until he has the money. Where does that leave Chas?

Psycho Sally is also determined to get what she wants – and that’s still Ashley. Unhappy without Laurel, Ashley has been keeping his distance from Sally but she turns up on his doorstep with a Christmas card for Gabby. He lets her inside and she becomes emotional, but Ashley finally shows some backbone and asks her to leave. Now, that’s the way to get Laurel back. But can he keep it up?

Katie’s meddling again. This time she insists that Ryan apologises to Maisie for his rude remark, so he does – and Katie doesn’t notice the spark between them…

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