Carl tries it on again with Kirsty

Kirsty goes to the Queen Vic speed dating event in a bid to wind up Max. When Carl turns up, she flirts with her date, but is unsettled to see him flirting with Kim! After scaring away AJ so he can have five minutes with Kirsty, Carl reminds Kirsty that things were good between them once. Fobbed off by Kirsty yet again, Carl tries his luck with Kat, who is tempted.

Ian is clearly in his element as Scarlett’s reopens, making Lucy feel bad for forcing him to sell. Lucy tells Ian that they’ll find another way to pay off Carl and Janine. Lucy is left in shock, however, when she calls the bank only to discover that Ian has conned the businesses out of her. Confronted by Lucy in front of Denise and Peter, Ian is forced to own up to what he’s done.

Roxy is in a chipper mood after discovering Alfie and Kat’s decree nisi has arrived. Busy with the speed dating event, she even asks Kat to help out behind the bar. Alfie is his usual cheeky self, but Roxy feels unsettled as time goes by and Alfie says nothing to her about the decree nisi.

Also, Jean gets a date with Ollie.