Carl vows to win Kirsty back

Kirsty takes a furious Carl into the B&B to calm down after he’s searched by the police, although they find nothing on him. After a confrontation with Max, Carl takes Max’s phone, giving it to Lauren with a message making it clear he’s looked through it. Meanwhile, Kirsty and Max’s row turns to passion in the car lot office. Later, Carl tells Max that by the time three weeks are up he’ll have Kirsty for himself – and he’s going to make Max’s life hell!

Lauren helps Whitney and Joey set up the club for the singles night. Trying to confide in them about her near miss, she’s upset when they’re horrified instead of supportive. Walking out, Lauren later confronts them, saying at least she resisted the temptation to drink, whereas they jumped into bed as soon as she was out of the picture.

Kat drags Bianca along to the singles night at the club, determined to find the love of her life. Bianca’s sceptical that there will be any decent blokes, but is pleasantly surprised when she makes a connection with someone. Kat’s not so lucky and is left on her own.

Also, Tamwar kisses Alice after Fatboy and Poppy set them up on a date.