Carl wants Chas back!

Chas tells Carl to forget about their kiss and suggests that he patches things up with Lexi. Carl tries to put up a fight, but Chas tells him to stop running from his responsibilities. Aaron regards Carl with contempt when he and Eli interrupt and Carl is forced to go. Eli asks Chas if there’s something between her and Carl and she dismisses his concerns a little too quickly.

Donna, Drake and Charlotte raid Shane’s flat and find the drugs and money planted by Eli. Vaughan is riled to realise that Shane was corrupt and orders them to find him. Debbie and Jasmine are relieved when Donna tells them to move on from Shane, as that is what she will be doing.

Rodney clears out the Home Farm office, but he realises that one of the shoots hasn’t been cancelled. Rodney tries to talk to the Kings about it, but is given short shrift. Rodney suggests to Jamie that they team up to do the shoot and pocket the money themselves. He ropes Katie into helping with the horses, but doesn’t tell her they’re going behind the Kings’ backs.

Also, Nicola has a plan up her sleeve and rallies the choir to perform at Ashley’s last sermon on Christmas Day.