Carl’s still furious about being double-crossed by Charity. Debbie sees him laying into her mum in the pub and tries to defend her – by telling Carl Charity had the money and gave it away. No! That’s like a red rag to a bull… Carl corners Chas and demands to know where the money is, accusing her of putting her family before him. Well, that’s the Dingle Code. But Chas might regret living by it before Carl’s finished…

Womaniser Jai’s not someone who seems to regret anything. That might change, though, after he makes a move on Maisie. They flirt in the pub and Katie decides to play matchmaker. It works and they go to Jai’s house. But when he tries to move Maisie on to his bedroom she’s horrified. Jai tells her Katie led him to believe she was easy and, offended, Maisie walks out. Ryan sees her and jokes about her sleeping with Jai and, hurt, Maisie starts to wonder about how people see her. ‘Good-time girl’ just about sums it up… But are the good times over?

Lisa’s good times could just be beginning… She’s offered the chance of making more money at the life modelling – by posing nude! Is she that brave?

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