Carl wants more than a drink from Chas!

It would take just one special little look from Chas and Carl would be over the bar drinking her in with big gulps. But Chas isn’t giving Carl one of those looks. Her look is more of a ‘I’m tired, why won’t you leave me alone?’ look. And as for the look Jimmy has for his brother, well, it’s one of complete exasperation. Jimmy finds out Carl has dreams of getting Chas back. He tries to tell his brother that it will never happen, that it shouldn’t happen because it’s not a good idea. But Carl is determined it will happen. What about Chas, though? Is she seriously considering giving Carl what he wants: herself? It looks like she might be…

Declan’s look isn’t one of joy when Katie tells him she thinks they should share their wedding day with Dan and Chas. He looks more like he’s just stepped in a great big pile of mess left by one of Katie’s horses. But Katie pouts prettily and he gives in. Truth is, Declan’s got other things on his mind – like ripping off Megan.

Jai’s got something else on his mind when he’s out to dinner with Charity: Rachel. She walks into the same restaurant with Ali and Ruby and it’s clear they’ve been on an expensive shopping trip – with his money.