Carl winds up Max

Max seethes when a bouquet mysteriously arrives at the Brannings. When Max warns Carl he knows they were from him a smug Carl reveals today would have been his and Kirsty’s wedding anniversary. Max and Jack spend all day sourcing cars for a buyer, only to discover the deal is off. Max snaps and attacks Carl when he then makes a comment about Lauren’s drinking. Later, Phil agrees to go in on a deal with Carl.

Lauren gets a fit of the giggles in a group counselling session, and has to be marched out by Jake. Feeling guilty, she sticks around to apologise. Jake agrees to go for a coffee and reveals he’s married but estranged from his wife. Lauren is pleased when Jake hints they should meet up again.

Dexter is miserable when Phil reveals he won’t be getting paid until he’s paid back – or found – his missing £10,000. Feeling sorry for Dexter, Jay and the gang agree to help raise the money between them. Meanwhile, Jay is being bombarded with mysterious texts, but lies that they’re just adverts.

Also, Kat learns Ronnie will be out of prison next week.