Carla admits to Tracy she slept with Robert

Desperate for her painkillers, Carla finally admits she had a one-night stand with Robert, but it meant nothing. When Robert calls from reception and explains he’s booked the honeymoon suite, Tracy’s wrong-footed. However, before she walks out the door she points out that Nick will be devastated when he finds out about Carla’s sordid tryst. Finding Robert in reception she kisses him, giving nothing away. In her room Carla brings a shocked Michelle up to speed.

Eileen arrives home and is pleasantly surprised to find Phelan busy fixing her kitchen cupboards, although Michael’s put out when Eileen points out he had his opportunity and never got round to it.

His hate for Leanne evident, Simon announces he wants to spend half-term with his dad, so Ken agrees to take him to Portsmouth leaving Leanne’s heartbroken.

Sinead admits she’s nervous about her forthcoming modelling assignment. Beth reckons she’ll be fantastic while Chesney’s less enthusiastic. Sally bores Steph and Andy rigid with her political spiel.