Liam is stunned when Tony makes him a low offer on the factory but Carla makes it clear that she wants Liam to accept the offer, even if it means he makes a loss! Liam grudgingly accepts the offer but he’s angry, with Carla when she tells Maria about the deal. Maria is furious that he went ahead with the deal without consulting her first.

Teresa finds herself out in the cold with her family and her neighbours once word gets round that she tried to dupe Lloyd into thinking he was a dad to get money out of him. Lloyd is miserable as he’d got used to the idea of being a father. Meanwhile, Teresa cuts a pathetic figure after being chucked out by Jerry as she has nowhere to go.

Liz puts on a big public show of devotion to Vernon and makes out she’s looking forward to going to the gig with him in front of Harry. Dim Vernon is bemused by her enthusiastic behaviour, but he’s just glad to have her with him.

Also, Sally and Kevin prepare to swap houses with the Peacocks; Audrey gives David a less than glowing reference for the interview for his new job.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria confronts Liam about his decision to sell his share of the factory to Tony and worries that he’s selling up because of her paranoia about Carla. Liam assures Maria that he’s done it for them both and is thinking of going into business with his cousin Tom. The factory girls are gutted to learn that easygoing Liam will be replaced with taskmaster Tony!

The Peacock-Webster house swap is finally on but the fuse box blows at the Peacocks’ new house and starts a small fire. Bill looks at the electrics and reveals that the house needs a complete rewire and isn’t safe to live in. Sally is dismayed when she realises she’ll be putting up the Peacocks for a while!

Vernon is concerned after the gig that the once jealous Liz was undisturbed when a woman threw herself at him. Liz insists it’s because she trusts him but an increasingly worried Vernon brings up the fact she airbrushed the wedding pic to turn him into a different man. Liz fobs him off and Vernon doesn’t force the issue.

Also, Jerry finds Teresa waiting glumly at the bus stop and agrees to let her stay; Ted changes Audrey’s reference for David to give his grandson a better chance.