Tracy reveals to Carla that Robert’s dumped her and there’s now nothing to stop her from revealing the truth to Nick. Carla persuades Robert that Tracy only acted the way she did out of love for him and that he shouldn’t throw away what they’ve got. Robert agrees to give Tracy another chance but on condition she stops waging a hate campaign against Carla and never tells Nick about their indiscretion.

As Kate and Sophie head for the pub, Caz draws up in a taxi and watches them, annoyed. Kate’s thrilled when Caz walks in while Sophie makes an excuse to leave. Caz confronts Sophie outside and warns her to stay away from Kate.

Chris surprises Liz when he suggests they go for a coffee. Chris quizzes Liz about Amy and it’s apparent he thinks she’s her mother.

Still smarting over Yasmeen’s apparent land grab, Sally sets off for her council meeting. Meanwhile, Tim cooks a romantic meal, but he’s disappointed when she phones telling him she’ll be home late because of council work.