Carla asks Robert to pretend it never happened

Calling Michelle to her flat, Carla confesses that she had sex with Robert. Meanwhile, Robert arrives for work late and apologises to Nick. While Nick serves, Carla has a quiet word with Robert telling him she’s engaged to the best man in the world and that as far she’s concerned, their earlier indiscretions never happened.

As Rita, Mary, Ken and Billy see Emily off on her trip to Peru, Norris arrives and hands her a bag full of pencils explaining they’re to help with her voluntary work at the school.

Roy confides in Anna who is shocked to read the letter, which reveals that Alan had an affair with Nessa, Cathy’s sister. Meanwhile Ken cancels dinner with Roy and Cathy when Nessa gets called away to collect a drunken Alex.

When Eva discovers Aidan and Kate had a bet on whether he’d sleep with Eva before the year was out, she’s furious and pours Aidan’s drink over his head.