Carla awaits news of Frank’s appeal…

Maria‘s worried about Carla’s recovery, the factory’s in trouble without any leadership and despite counselling Carla’s not rallying. Masking his own concerns Peter agrees to speak to Carla. She admits today’s a tough day, Frank’s in court attempting to overturn the refusal of bail, but having Peter there is some tonic. As he leaves, explaining he’s going on holiday later, they share a warm moment, but it’s broken by the arrival of DC Malone who has news on Frank’s appeal.

It’s bar wars for Tracy and Stella when Stella arrives back from holiday and is shocked to see Tracy behind the bar. Resuming control Stella’s soon had enough of Tracy, and Steve has to quell a full-scale row.

Eileen’s confidence is knocked following a run-in with Gail and she cancels her date. It seems she has given up on Paul before he’s even had a chance.

Also, Chris is deeply conflicted after lying about his illness, but as Cheryl fusses over him he says nothing. When Lloyd then moots the idea of a holiday for himself, Cheryl and Russ, Chris quietly seethes.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Carla reels as DC Malone reveals Frank won his appeal for bail. Back at home Frank celebrates with his solicitor insisting his priority now is his business as he refuses to let Carla ruin him. Carla’s jolted by a knock at the door, but it’s Stella asking how she’s coping. At first Carla’s hostile, but Stella has a revelation that gives Carla hope. Stella admits she knows what she’s going through as she was raped, and Carla opens up. After their chat Carla finds the strength and returns to work, but when she finds Anne, Frank’s mother, in the office she’s horrified.

Steve shares Ken’s 72nd birthday celebrations and endures a family meal at the Bistro. As the Barlows quiz him about his intentions towards Tracy he confirms they are together, but it’s clear he’s still uncomfortable with the arrangement.

Eileen‘s taken aback when Paul calls at the house wanting to know why she cancelled their date. He really likes her and wants her to get her glad rags on and meet him at the Bistro.

Also, Chris spies an opportunity to ruin Lloyd and Cheryl’s holiday plans. He tells Brian they’re planning on taking Russ out of school and feigning concern he asks Brian if he can have a word…