Liam arrives for work and Carla ushers him in to the office. Carla tells Liam that she wants him to book a round of golf with Tony and offer to sell him his share of the factory. Liam is stunned by her request and turns her down flat, but Carla threatens to tell Maria about their fling unless he does what she wants and Liam realises he has no choice.

Harry tackles Dan about dropping the assault charge against Steve and reminds him that if Steve goes to jail, then little Amy will be the one to suffer. Dan grudgingly sees Harry’s point of view and agrees to retract his statement. Dan doesn’t make himself popular with the police, but the charges are dropped.

Teresa helps out at the kebab shop – and helps herself to the takings at the same time! Later, Lloyd comes in and gives her a computer game that he bought for Finlay and when Jerry and Mel tackle Teresa about the missing money, she lies that she borrowed the money to ‘buy’ Finlay’s computer game. Jerry falls for Teresa’s line.

Also, Roy feels uncomfortable knowing about Steve’s infidelity with Becky; Ken gets an invite to a university reunion bash.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Carla has booked a hair appointment with Maria while Liam goes for his game of golf with Tony to remind Liam of what he stands to lose if he doesn’t go through with her demand. Tony is wary when Liam brings up the subject of selling him his share in the factory, but Liam does a good job of convincing him that he is re-evaluating his life.

Lloyd asks Mel questions about Finlay and she wants to know why he’s interested in her kid brother. Mel is furious with Teresa when Lloyd tells her that Teresa told him Finlay was his son and she confronts Teresa. Jerry tells a gutted Lloyd that Teresa knows exactly who Finlay’s dad is – the man in question had a paternity test done to be sure. Lloyd has been duped.

Steve is relieved that Dan has dropped the charges against him and he tells Michelle that he wants to take a break and spend some time with his twin brother Andy in Spain and uses her trip to Ireland as leverage. Michelle is still suspicious that something fishy is going on but she agrees to let it lie.

Also, David applies for a job in a city centre salon.