Carla books an appointment at the abortion clinic. Michelle’s taken aback and warns her of the consequences, but Carla assures her she’s made the right decision and Peter must never find out.

Owen and Gary load the van up with Phelan’s tiles.  When Phelan arrives, Gary hides and Owen fobs him off, telling him Gary’s at home with flu. But when Phelan later asks Anna how Gary is, he’s left furious when she tells him Gary’s fine. It seems Owen’s plan has cost him big time as Phelan slowly realises they are stealing from him.

Kevin listens to Sally when she tells him to take it easy on Tyrone and he apologises for leaving Tyrone in the lurch. Tyrone’s further relieved when Kevin insists he’s partly to blame for the mess.

Also, Beth’s over the moon when she receives a letter thanking her for her bravery and a cheque for £5k; Chesney and Sinead wonder if she’d lend them some to invest in the kebab shop.