Carla causes more marital mayhem

Maria celebrates her hen night with the girls at the Rovers, but Carla turns up and puts a downer on things with her catty insults. Michelle realises how upset Maria is getting and she pulls Carla into the back room and tells her to lay off Maria, but she inadvertently lets slip that Maria is jealous because Liam called out for Carla in hospital. A stunned Carla exits the pub and finds a post-stag do Liam tied to the bus stop and she sets him free. Maria comes out of the pub and sees them together and she angrily marches him home.

Jason returns to Weatherfield empty-handed and heavy-hearted. He’s also got a fat lip from Sarah after telling her about sleeping with Becky! Jason miserably tells Eileen that it’s all over between them and he has lost Sarah forever.

Darryl and Mel aren’t on speaking terms ever since Mel was nasty about his relationship with Lauren. Darryl tells Mel that she’s just jealous because no one fancies her and it seems to hit a nerve. Mel is later scathing when she sees a couple in the street kissing and Lauren tells her to lighten up.

Also, Vicki agrees to introduce Kelly to her knicker party contacts.