Carla cuts into Underworld

Carla is still furious with Paul about spending all his money on the factory and leaving none aside for her, but she has no intention of giving up her business plans. Carla plays Hayley a secret visit in the factory to find out which of the girls is the best seamstress.

Hayley reveals that Kelly has the best skills and Carla approaches Kelly and offers some overtime making a pair of children’s dungarees as a sample. Liam and Paul are livid when they discover that Carla is taking up Kelly’s time.

Jason and Eileen have a meeting with social services and they are told that Holly’s mum has completely disappeared. The social worker is impressed that Jason has been caring for Holly over the previous two days, but she’s disappointed when Jason is non-committal about adopting his daughter.

Janice is completely smitten with Roger the plumber and he takes her out on a date. But things seem to be moving quickly when he reveals he’s got to go to France for three months – but asks her to go with him!

Also, Steve’s prospects of winning over Michelle take another knock when she discovers that he’s been attempting to tap Ryan for information about Sonny.