Carla demands the truth from David

After letting Nick spend the night on the sofa at No .8, David implores him to get his scan results and talk everything through with Carla. Meanwhile, Carla tells Michelle that she’s worried Nick has found out about her one-night stand with Robert. She corners David in the salon and demands the truth, but he tells her to go see Nick.

Jenny tells Rita she’s heading to Blackpool for the day with Johnny in the hope she can finally lay some of her demons to rest. Later, Jenny shows Johnny the place where her dad was hit by a tram all those years ago. 

Billy snaps at Sean when he points out that they’d now be in Ibiza if it weren’t for him. A shocked Sean later confides in Todd that he’s worried Billy may have met someone else.

Sally tells Sophie she’s off to Blackpool to save her marriage when Tim announces that he’s going to Blackpool with Kevin and Jack and posts a selfie of the three of them on the promenade. A chuffed Tyrone tells Luke and Freddie he’s finally obtained his taxi licence.