Carla disrupts Tina and Peter’s passion

As Carla prepares for her business trip to Paris, Tina and Peter secretly arrange to spend the evening together. But when Tina overhears Carla telling Rita she plans to fly Peter out to Paris as a Valentine’s surprise, Tina puts Peter on the spot and tells him to choose… It’s her or Carla.

Anna receives a Valentine’s card, but Owen teases her saying it’s not from him. Suspecting it’s from Phelan, Anna’s wary when she and Owen meet Pat and Valerie for dinner. It’s time for Anna to find out just what Phelan is up to.

When Todd offers to babysit for Marcus and Maria so they can go out for Valentine’s day, they’re delighted ,while Eileen’s suspicious of her son’s motives.

Also, Gloria’s left fuming when Rita forgives Dennis and she sees them linking arms; and Kal and Dev shake on the gym conversion deal with Jason but Eva and Tony reckon Jason’s been too generous and sold himself short.